Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical week look like?

Daily Schedule

How is rooming determined?

The majority of the dorm rooms at Cate School are singles. Athletes are placed in gender and age appropriate dorms. We do our very best to accommodate every roommate request. If you have such a request, please let us know in writing.

How do you handle homesickness?

We understand that homesickness is normal for kids, especially for young children and those new to sleepover programs. We educate and train our staff on how to manage homesickness. Homesickness is most common in the first few days of the week. During this time, our directors and head counselors monitor all athletes closely. We believe in open and honest communication with parents if your child is homesick. We will call you, discuss the situation, and create an action plan.

How does my child communicate with us while at Cate?

Although cell phones are discouraged, they are allowed during certain times. We encourage parents to send an email to their child through the CSA email box ( The office will deliver all emails to dorms. There will be time during the day or evening for your child to respond via email or he or she may choose to send a letter or postcard. You are also welcome to send a care package and letters.

We will take many photos of all sports and activities through the week and post regularly on the Cate’s Facebook and Instagram page.

How can we sent mail?

Due to our rural location, mail can take longer than usually to arrive. 

To send mail: 
Athlete’s Name
Cate Sports Academy
1960 Cate Mesa Road
Carpinteria, CA 93013

How is laundry handled?

Campers are responsible for their own laundry. There are washers and dryers available in all dorms. Counselors are available to help if necessary. Detergent is available in each dorms laundry room.

What is the technology policy?

We understand the role cell phones have in our society today and the ability to get in touch is comforting. Cell phones will be allowed during Cate Sports Academy in the dorms only and can only be used for phone calls during the lunch break (12:30 – 1:30pm) or evening (9:30pm and 10:00pm) when athletes are preparing for lights out. Day athletes must keep cell phones in bag and are only permitted to use in case of an emergency or during the lunch break.  Any athlete violating the cell phone policy will receive one warning. If he or she violates the policy again, the phone will be confiscated for 24 hours. Parents will be notified.

Other than cell phones, we do not permit electronics while on campus. This includes video games, laptops, iPads, Kindle, etc… Cameras and devices that play music only, such as a radio or iPod/MP3 are acceptable.

Cate Sports Academy provides campers a unique opportunity to make friends with other adolescents from all over the world. By eliminating electronic consumption on campus, participants are able to focus on the program and create relationships and memories that will last a lifetime!​

Will my child need money while at CSA?

We recommend approximately $25 per week. This can be used for snacks, drinks, or souvenirs from our Cate student store, the Blue Ewe. Sleepover campers will also have a field trip into town where they may purchase snacks and goodies.

How does the school store (Blue Ewe) work?

The Blue Ewe is open on Opening and Closing Days of each camp session, from 12pm – 1pm Monday through Friday, and 4pm – 8pm Tuesday and Thursday. The store carries emergency toiletries, limited items for class use, snacks, and a broad selection of Cate School clothing. The Blue Ewe gives campers the opportunity to budget and plan for their purchases. We encourage each family to talk realistically with their camper(s) about their expectations for camp store usage.

What is the food like?

Aramark manages our camp dining room and most of our dining staff have been working at Cate for over 20 years! The food is organically and locally sourced when possible, and we do our best to provide healthy choices that also appeal to the tastes of our campers. Lunch and dinner comes with a choice of two hot dishes with sides, and we also have a well-stocked salad and sandwich bar with numerous toppings and condiments. Breakfast always features cold and hot cereal, egg dishes, fruit yogurt, and something from the griddle. We have fresh whole and sliced fruit at every meal, and our beverage bar is soda-free. If your child has a food allergy, please let us know so that we may alert the dining staff by e-mailing