Head Girls Lacrosse Coach

Jordan Majka



Jordan Majka has been coaching women's lacrosse for 6 years all across the country.  Jordan is currently the Head Coach for the UCSB Women's Club Lacrosse team and the Assistant Director at 805 Lacrosse Project, which runs local tournaments, conducts community outreach and coaching Mission Lacrosse, a club lacrosse team. 

Recently, Jordan came from Florida, where she was the director for Monsters Lacrosse Academy, a local non-profit club lacrosse team, and head coach at Out-of-Door Academy that went into the Semi-Finals of their State Playoffs this year (Go Thunder!) . She has also coached for Tenacity, an all girls national club team and was a director at True Lacrosse in Chicago. Prior to coaching, Jordan played as a Division 1 goalie for the UC Davis Aggie's NCAA Women's Lacrosse team, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. 

In her free time, Jordan enjoys playing with her dog (Sampson) and being by the ocean.